Did you know that purchasing a set of products Microbiome Purify, performing the first step toward Elite Health? Give yourself a makeover in health today. Start a weekly program of cleansing your body and enjoy optimal health!

Elite Health

Elite Health is the maximum of well-being, regardless of the form and age. From the point of view of science, Elite Health is the optimal way of functioning of the human metabolism, a condition in which each element of the body running smoothly. This plan lets you enter each new decade with new ambitions. Achieve freedom that is realized through a healthy mind and body.


Over the last decades nutritional supplements helped people to replenish, as well as improve the performance of various body systems. However, these products do not constitute a suitable solution from the perspective of what we know today as the central element of our overall health.

The latest figures from the world of science has shown us a fascinating ecosystem called microbiota - existing inside our body. It is a very complex community of bacteria, fungi and microflora, which is inhabited mainly the intestines, as well as the impact on health, in fact, every element of our body. Microbiota as many as 90% of cells in our body. Only 10% of our bodies contains our own human DNA.

Although the microorganisms living in the body are vital to our survival, their action could be dangerous for general health. In turn, the health of your microbiome affects brain function, mood, immune system and gastrointestinal tract.

You must know that the protection and support of beneficial microorganisms is just as important as eliminating these harmful. Synergy Purify Kit will help you in both these tasks by cleaning microbiome.

Why purifying?

Purification is the first step on the way to the Elite Health. The key to achieving maximum health benefits is balanced and properly nourished microbiota. Your microbiota is exposed to toxic environmental factors. Suffers from poor diet, stress and a sedentary lifestyle. These factors disturb the balance of good and bad bacteria living in mikrobiomie. No specific balance has a negative effect on the human body. Therefore disturbed microbiota in need of purification.

Purify Kit

Purifying is set weekly, clinically developed formula feeding microbiome. Use of the specifically developed supplements and follow the dietary guidelines in order to achieve the best results:

Success menu

To unleash the potential of the Elite Health, observe the rules of supplementation Synergy Purify and guidelines in the field of nutrition. The more closely you follow the guidelines, the more you succeed.

Use supplements according to the following schedule:

Enhance and protection

After the completion of the first step which is the purification process, use high-quality health care solutions Synergy: ProArgi9+, Mistify, PhytoLife, SLMsmart and e9. If you are looking for products that support weight control, help in fitness and nutrition - these themes Synergy products to help you achieve your goals. Strengthening and protection is another step that will help you achieve Elite Health.

Synergy Purify Products

Biome DT is an innovative formula that combines zinc, glutamine, grandmother psyllium, plant extracts, pollen and seeds. Recommended use: Stir 1 scoop of the product in 240 ml of water. Drink 2 times a day.

Biome Shake cocktail containing vegetable protein, important vitamins and minerals. Recommended use: Stir 2 scoops Biome Shake in 350-470 ml of water (best to use shaker). Consume a cocktail 2 times a day.

Biome Actives is a unique supplement with inulin and Bacillus coagulans (a variant of the bacteria increases the production of lactic acid). Recommended use: Consume 3 capsules daily with meals.

Body Prime is a unique combination of magnesium, apple pectin and powdered plums. Recommended use: 2 capsules once a day.

PROARGI-9+ is a patented formula of L-arginine, L-citrulline and five essential vitamins, favorably affect the overall functioning of the body. Recommended use: Dissolve 1 sachet in 240 ml of water. Use 2 sachets a day.

Biome Core Kit

Biome Core Kit is 30-day, clinically developed microbiome care kit. You can use it as a continuation of the Microbiome Purify program or as a standalone care program. Use of the specifically developed supplements and follow the dietary guidelines in order to achieve the best results:

Questions and Answers

Q: What is the Purify program and Kit?

A: Purify is the first step to achieving Elite Health, and Elite Health can only be achieved by maintaining a healthy microbiome. The Program was designed to target the microbiome and help restore its balance by eliminating harmful microbes and feeding helpful microbes. This is a one-week program that includes taking the products, adhering to the meal plan, and exercising for 30 minutes every day. The Kit consists of five products: Biome DT, Biome Shake, Biome Actives, Body Prime, and ProArgi-9+. Full details on the Program and Kit products can be found in the Guide.

Q: What can I do to prepare myself to begin the Program?

A: Preparation for this program isn’t necessary because it is intended to be the introduction to Synergy Elite Health. Of course, purchasing the Kit, reviewing and understanding the program, scheduling time to exercise, and prepping for the program’s suggested diet plan are all helpful initial steps. The overachiever could prepare for the Program by minimizing processed foods in his or her diet, eating fewer carbohydrates and more lean proteins, and initiating a daily habit of walking 5,000 steps or more.

Q: What results should I expect to notice in following the Program?

A: This program will result in improved general well-being, mental clarity, more energy, and some weight loss. The program’s key goals are to improve gut health and kick-start improvements in the microbiome.

Q: Is the Purify program a weight loss program?

A: No, but weight loss is an added benefit. This is primarily a purification program intended to detoxify, cleanse, and balance the microbiome.

Q: Does the products have any side-effects?

A: Some normalization will occur within the first few days of using due to the amount of fiber in the system’s products. Consequently, some may experience additional bo wel movements, bloating, and more gas, but this is normal and should diminish as use continues. Increased gas, for example, is a sign that the program is working and the health-producing microbes are thriving. Headaches and fatigue are possible side-effects within the first few days of following the One-Week Program. These initial side-effects may depend on the user’s normal diet and overall health. Consult a physician with any concerns related to side-effects.

Q: What quality control measures are taken on the products ingredients and finished products?

A: All of the same quality measures mandated for any Synergy product apply. Every batch of raw ingredient and finished product undergoes rigorous testing from start to finish. Visit the Synergy WorldWide website to learn more about these rigorous quality assurance practices.

Q: Can I use other Synergy projects while doing the One-Week System?

A: The answer to this question depends on what Synergy products are being used and in what amounts. The Purify Kit and accompanying diet recommendations contain all of the essential daily nutrients in their proper amounts to be successful with the system. Consult a physician regarding any specific questions.

Q: Can I use SLMsmart Shake instead of the Biome Shake?

A: Biome Shake is ideal for purification and was specifically formulated for this purpose. It is made effective through vegetable protein, soluble vegetable fiber, and very little carbohydrate content. In addition, Biome Shake includes digestive enzymes that are beneficial to microbiome balance and efficiency.

Q: Do I need to follow the recommended Purify meal plan?

A: Absolutely. Following the meal plan closely will yield substantial benefits. Those who modify their normal diet drastically by following the Meal Plan may experience different results than those who do not need to modify their normal diet as much. Those who become accustomed to the Meal Plan will be better prepared to handle a longer Elite Health program in the future.

Q: What do I do with extra product after I’ve completed the One-Week Program?

A: Either continue taking it according to the recommended dosage or share it.

Q: After I complete the one-week Purify program, what’s next?

A: Continue following the Meal Plan and making 30 minutes of exercise per day a priority.

Q: How often can I, or should I, repeat the one-week Purify program?

A: Start the Purify program before initiating a new health regimen and after substantial weight loss. Bodies release toxins during weight loss, so additional purification is warranted to eliminate such toxins. Alternatively, the Program can be completed once quarterly.

Q: Is this vegetarian- or vegan-friendly?

A: All products in this Kit are vegan friendly except ProArgi-9+, which is vegetarian friendly.

Q: Is this gluten-free?

A: The sourced ingredients don’t include gluten; however, these products are not tested to assure that no cross contamination occurs, so finding small amounts of gluten in the products is possible. The only Kit product tested to be absolutely free of gluten is Biome Shake